My Interiors Design obsession started many many years ago. I have always had a deep passion and very keen interest in Interior Design, always immersing myself within all of the magazines and publications, constantly scouring the internet, finding suppliers new and old, from all corners of the earth, finding beautiful items for our walls, ceilings, tables, shelves…. It really wasn’t a good idea to stand around too long at our home!

In 2010 we were very lucky to call home a wonderful period Georgian property, my love of interiors completely rocketed from there, I had found a style I adored, this was true love!

We had to move from this property in 2011 (for many reasons that I won’t bore you with), and the search was on for our dream home. We wanted to apply our own mark to the property, taking something beautiful and making it truly wonderful, and later that year we amazingly found exactly what we were looking for.

Our wonderful home.

It was at this point everything started to fall into place. We had our dream home, with plenty of scope and potential to alter and renovate to our specification. It was now I realised just how much the world of interior design meant to me, this couldn’t just be a project, this had to be part of my life, forever.

I decided that I would change my career path, I needed grounded understanding of what the life of an interior designer was like, the processes, detailed and technical knowledge.¬†Without any hesitation I enrolled myself on a Diploma in Interior Design, it’s been one of the most rewarding decisions I have made so far, I am absolutely in my element and adore what I am doing and learning.

I also decided at that point I needed to live and breathe interiors, completely immerse myself in all parts of my life, that way I would learn the ropes and understand the industry far sooner. I therefore managed to get myself a job at a local Interior Design Shop, I just wished I had done this so much sooner. It’s truly amazing, I’m working with some very knowledgeable and talented people that I’m very lucky to call friends.

Everything is now in place, and this is the story of my journey; the renovation, beautiful interiors both at home and for clients, the learning process for an Interior Designer and the many wonderful people I have already been very fortunate to meet. I hope to inject my humour and style (traditional, antique, very french – if you’re wondering), and give people a true understanding of my life.

I hope you join me on my journey! Thank you so much for reading my story, I hope to be reading yours soon.

Natalie XOXO


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