Thought I would share this very useful and interesting post on LED lighting.

La Pazzia: Interiors Shapes and Moods

by Lydia T. F., Interior Designer

I was stuck in Bangkok infamous traffic jam, my eyes started hurting then I realized I was surrounded by screens, billboards, lights, lights, lights everywhere.

It’s LED lights; which is an abbreviation for Light-Emitting-Diode. They have changed the advertising industry and of course the interiors of all buildings.

Everyone is familiar with the types of lights we use everywhere in our homes, offices, hotels…etc. They are usually incandescent bulbs, fluorescent bulbs and halogen bulbs, in addition other few less common types exist as well.

LED lights are a specific type of light that has been going through a real revolution these days. The question today is, will LED replace all the other types of light bulbs?

Let’s see what is special about LED; LEDs are very small in size and come in a mix of red, green, and blue usually used to make white…

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