Monogramed Everything

I used to think that monogramming was, dare I say it, slightly pompous and a tiny weeny bit self absorbed… I am however now eating my thoughts as I am lusting after this for every aspect of my interior (I hope my original assumptions are not accurate, or then I’m in a world of trouble)

It seems to be everywhere now, and has somehow had a bit of a style makeover with some ever so sophisticated and gorgeous detailing. It takes monograming from a preserve of the wealthy to an ultra chic addition to a personalised interior of any home, without compromising any of the quality.

I wish I lived in the USA at times as you can get some fabulous things at the Pottery Barn of all places. They have a Monogram Shop to knock the socks of most (from what I can see from the pictures), with competitive prices to match. Shipping proves a slight inhibitor for me, although I may have to not worry about that so much, as some of the items are are truly gorgeous.

Have a great weekend and let me know of any other places that I can fuel my monogram lust!

Natalie Xx


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