Equine Wall-coverings

It’s something that seems to be a national fascination, certainly in England, love of horses.

When someone is looking to redecorate a downstairs cloak room/boot room/bathroom, many people ask for animal related wall coverings/fabrics. It can vary but the general request is something fish/hunt/bird related and more often than not Horses wins the day.

I thought I’d share a few of my favourites, one of the best collections for interesting wall coverings is the Classic Collection by Lewis & Wood, but see what you think.

My absolute favourite Equine wall-covering has to be Equus, again from the same collection, delicate and elegant…. The subject matter and the design.


Thibaut are also another player in the game of cloakroom wall coverings, although a slightly more traditional feel. Tally-Ho (!!) is available in their Repertoire collection. If this design style appeals to you, you may wish to look at others design in this collection…..

“Repertoire, a complete work of rich, robust papers features equestrian themes, tapestry prints and man’s best friend. Not simply designed for a gentleman’s quarters, the collection perfectly suits a woodland bungalow, country club or home library.”

I am certain there are many more hundreds of fabulous Equestrian Papers & Fabrics in the world, I would love you to let me know of any of your favourites so that I van have a look myself.

Have a great weekend


Natalie Xx



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