Thibaut – Another masculine crush on Curtis Damask!!

Firstly, a big apology to all in blog world. I’m sorry for my absence, but things have been so hectic that I am virtually certain that you wouldn’t have wanted to read the chaotic ramblings of my mind!

I’ve been thinking of a suitable post by which to reappear with a bit of sparkle… Yesterday I had that such moment.

We get many new collections in store but rarely do I get as excited as I did yesterday. The glorious brand Thibaut have released a “new’ collection called Menswear – A collection of tried and tested patterns that all share a masculine edge. Not technically a new collection of sorts, but the collection works very well together and I was able to find a fabric that I have indeed over looked in another collection. 

I won’t spoil the fun just yet, below are some of the other masculine fabrics and wall coverings…. What do you think?

ImageImage ImageImageImageImageImageImageImage


Now for the real show stopper in my opinion, it’s a fabric wall-covering called Curtis Damask. It is available in both a Linen & Silk fabric woven and over-layed with a delicate printed gold Damask motif, It is pure refined elegance! The Silk is a slightly more Dramatic effect and less casual, but absolute beauty. 

As you may expect from a woven fabric wall-covering, it’s really not cheap retailing at about £400 a roll, slightly more for the silk. But as an investment in refined elegance and a pattern, style and feel that will NEVER date, I have no doubt that this would be in place for many many years…. I intend on getting my own Curtis Damask piggy bank!

Without further ado….. Drum roll please…. Curtis Damask by Thibaut.



I don’t think the pictures do this any justice at all, you should try and get a sample.

Have a great week 

Natalie 🙂 Xx


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