Alcantara Dream Boat Fabric!

Sometimes you think about things and think “I can’t actually believe I’m thinking about this” Recently a friend of mine stated that she would be home as she was waiting for a TV and some fertilized chicken eggs to arrive, another similar statement, and one that she will very unlikely have to ever to say again in her entire life, I find these situations amusing!

Well today I’ve been looking at some gorgeous fabrics and found myself pondering a question that I never imagined I would think.

This is the perfect fabric for the interior of a rather glamorous boat (although I’m sure there is a far more technical term!)…. Should I ever have a rather glamorous boat this is most certainly the fabric I would use! I had to shake myself back from my dreamworld and reassess the likelihood of this statement. Not. Very.

I do however work in the fabulous world of Interior Design, and it may well happen that at some point in my life I am privileged enough to be asked to design the interior of said fabulously glamorous boat…. This would be my first port of call ;0) But I expect I would also be living off the coast of Monaco for a client to be able to afford the rather hefty price tag.

However, if aesthetic was the only priority, Alcantara is where my design ideas would be bound. They are part of the international design house Jab Anstoetz, a global leader. I was very lucky to get a show of their collection today by their very lovely representative. We took a few books and thankfully some of the Alcantara collection (all you lucky people in East Midlands can have a look anytime you like). Although we have been asked to keep them from public display, presumably because at £240 per meter, the fabrics need to be cared for and the loan books need to be returned in pristine condition. No problem, I’ll keep them safe on my desk! Their website is worth a look certainly Alcantara – the colour-ways are also quite extensive.

Sadly I’m unable to find many relevant images, but a few are shown below. Alcantara is also used with the motor trade industry, If you’re find yourself sat in a high end Audi or Mercedes, you will probably find you’re being cushioned by gorgeous Alcantara.

Image from


Hope you’re having a lovely week!

Natalie XO


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