Truly Luxurious Jacaranda Carpets!!!!!!

I sometimes struggle to get too excited about flooring and in particular Carpet. I feel that the selection available in the main stream is often quite similar. Okay slightly different textures, materials, fabrics, colourways and patterns, but all a bit similar really.

That was until today when I discovered a wonderful brand of carpet…. Jacaranda.

They offer some truly delightful carpets, the likes I haven’t seen before. Whilst they also offer the normal wool twists and more typical handwoven designs, they also offer some really divine styles and textures that I haven’t seen available in other mainstream brands. I guess they aren’t perhaps as main stream as some of the more mass produced and available brands, and are a fairly small company, but I feel this gives them some true originality over their carpet design and a luxury that I haven’t ever seen in a carpet – The Simla

The Simla is like walking on pure silk. the soft and luxurious pile would be enough to cradle a sleeping baby. In fact I’m attempting to find out if they make pillows in this carpet, all I would ever need to sleep on!

This is what Jacaranda say about the material used to make Simla…

“This year we have added to the viscose broadlooms in our range, see Simla. Viscose is in fact a natural fibre spun from cellulose. Viscose is not as hard-wearing or stain resistant as wool, but it does give a dramatic silk-like sheen, at a fraction of the price of the pure Chinese silk that we hand-knot into our Himalayan rugs.”

Now this isn’t perhaps an everyday carpet for heavy traffic areas – But a gorgeous Dressing Room or Master Bedroom, it would add a touch of opulence and luxury that would be impossible to create with other types of carpet. You would certainly wake each morning with a spring in your step, rested and ready to tackle the day after feeling this delightful carpet under your feet!!!!

I’ve taken some pictures on my camera, I feel it captures the sheen of silk better than the images on the Jacaranda website, but the only way to truly feel and see the true beauty of this carpet is to see it with your own eyes. If you struggle to find a stockist, let me know and I can get a sample shipped to you.

They even make leather rugs that can me made to any size enabling wall to wall carpets…. I’m in love with this carpet company!

So here is the very beautiful Simla

Divine flooring by Jacaranda…. The Simla.

Some of the other fabulous designs, styles and materials……All handwoven!

Well I hope you’re enjoying the start to the week, I certainly am!

Have a great evening

Natalie XO


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