Surface View – Must View!

Today I have stumbled across a genuine original gem that I simply had to share with the world.

If you are looking for something original to don your walls and blinds, look no further than Surface View. Their explanation of their services is quite simple “It’s where our images and your
imagination come together to create stunning interior”… And I would certainly agree (great tag line!)

You basically provide the surface and they provide a custom tailored and designed image. If you would like a Picasso on your kitchen tiles or a Beethoven symphony on your blind, they can do it!

I personally love the originality, you are virtually guaranteed a tailored and bespoke interior, that is perfectly matched to your loves, personality, style and desires. To break from the normal is sometimes considered too quirky for some, but they do offer some perfect tried and tested options from which to choose. From pieces from the Victoria & Albert Museum, to Nic Miller Photography…. There is something to suit all tastes and design stye.

Below is a few images from their website – All quite traditional… Do remember the only limit is your imagination…. Just imagine any of the below as an individual mural or blind, or a floor covering or tile image. Definitely worth a look should you ever require something bespoke to fit an area….. I’m hooked….. If only I had more rooms!


Hope you’re having a good week

Natalie XO


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