Casadeco – Gorgeous New Collection

One of the most adored elements of my job is viewing the new collections that the designers present….. Today was such a day!

I generally fail to contain my excitement as I walk (okay run) down the stairs to see the books stacked high as I know that I’m in for for half an hour of genuine pleasure. My fingers poised to start flicking through the delights the representative has brought for us to see. Normally this is a hit and miss process. As with most things in life, popularity will always win the day, you do tend to see many recurring themes amongst the books, but there is always a gem amongst the collections.

In the shop we stock many (and then some) different design houses and many of their collections, but mainly due to capacity (and also the cost of books which can run to hundreds of pounds each!), it would be impossible to stock each and every collection that was ever created. We try our hardest to survey the showcase of collections, attempting to establish what will be successful and appreciated by our customers.

This is far from an easy task, it doesn’t just come down to the design and style or if we personally like the fabrics and wall-coverings (that’s a recipe for disaster), we also have to try and remember what collections we already possess, what colour-ways we require, what design style we have and somehow attempt to fill in the blanks so that we can have a range of styles, in a range of designs, to suit a range of budgets.  The biggest faux pas would be to select a similar collection to one we already possess, we’d therefore have to sell twice the amount of wall-coverings/fabrics in that particular style to justify the book, that very rarely happens!

After all this is a business, but sometimes, only sometimes….. you do have to go with your gut instinct and buy collections based on what you adore, it wouldn’t be any fun otherwise!

Today we’ve met with the lovely representative from Casadeco. Casadeco are a French design house that was founded in the seventies, their design style could be summarised by modern and colourful, they are always specifically on trend. Normally quite refined and elegant, the tone and shade of colours giving a grown up feel and complementing very well.

We were today introduced to their new collection “Fregate” – which I absolutely loved. It’s not really my own personal design style, but as I have previously mentioned, with my design hat firmly on, I could see a very niche area of the market that this style of design would appeal to. I haven’t yet been asked to design a teenage boys room that was a sophisticated, demure and elegant (I’m quite a few years off that – thankfully), with a nod towards masculinity but at the same time youth (a very difficult area to balance), a refined and relaxing place that whilst, still heading towards university, was still able to capture the innocence of childhood….. But if I was, this is most definitely the first place I would head. The colours work in complete harmony.

The very nice man from Casadeco was also trying to convince me that this would be just as perfectly suited for a beach home or home office, whilst I do agree, for me I’ve already designed the perfect teenage boys haven of tranquility and no other space will do!

Let me know what you think.


I hope you’re having a lovely start to the week.

Natalie XO


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