The White Poplar and Not The White Poplar

Yesterday was a very sad day at home. We’ve recently had to take some advice from a respected local tree surgeon concerning a few of our trees…. The verdict was not good.

As a consequence of his assessment, a very old and extremely beautiful White Poplar tree has been felled. When I left for yesterday morning to head to work, it was flowing and failing around in all it’s normal glory, when I returned from work, it was little more than fire wood….. But seeing as white Poplar doesn’t even burn, it won’t actually get the cremation that it deserves, it’s more likely to end up being mulched…. Such a terrible shame.

We had no other option sadly. The tree was rotten from deep inside the trunk. Being 70 feet high and quite close to our home, the road and neighboring properties; it simply wasn’t safe to leave it standing, it could have fallen at any time, or it couldn’t, but we didn’t want to risk finding out.

Today is equally as sad, the garden is in mourn. The sun rises at a completely different point (to our garden at least), I can hear a distant noise of traffic and there is definitely something missing, not only in presence but also in light and sound. We have cut the tree back to the crown with the hope that, whilst the trunk will always be rotten, a smaller tree will be far more manageable and safe.

The tree surgeon has advised that in 5 years we will have a “tree” once more, but in the meantime I’m going to see what options we have. I think you can buy semi mature trees and transport to your garden, I’m hoping the blog world may know?! If this is possible it may well be a better idea to remove the White Poplar completely to save any future ongoing mutilation and remedial work, but that would be very sad fate for the glorious tree.

Anyway, here are some pictures of the delightful tree, you can see what a wonderful thing it was.


The Glorious White Poplar

Just before …..

And very sadly ….. Today :0(


Sad but necessary – I hope that is the last of any major garden works!

Hope you’re having a great  day.

Natalie XO


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