My crush on Antique Glass Mirrors!!!

Today I have been mostly dreaming about Antique Glass Mirrors – I came across an image within a bedroom that has me completely and utterly hooked!

Image courtesy of (amazing blog!)…. Absolute Lust!!!

One of the major problems with this type of product is the availability and cost, a genuine antique glass mirror and frame is likely to be a very costly addition to your walls. Mirrors are said to have been invented around the first century AD, although as much as I’m sure they have extremely interesting historical importance, I’m not convinced you would want to adorn your walls with such an artefact, unless of course you call home the British Museum. I think my Mirror search would have to begin during the Renaissance period purely from an aesthetic value, although I expect (as they were then), this would still be an extremely expensive item to own in the present day.

My search has lead me to many truly stunningly beautiful Antique mirrors, I’d love to know what you think.

Gorgeous feature in this lovely dining room (via Ryan Davis)!

Courtesy of

For me personally this type of effect adds an air of sophistication and elegance to any interior, it’s a detailing that is pure art, it creates interest in any room and would be a beautiful addition to any home, in either a traditional or contemporary setting. I can think of many applications, my only problem is going to be deciding which room doesn’t get Antique Glass Mirrors – at present the list is long….. from kitchen splash backs, to antique mirror headboards and dressing room island tops!

Thankfully for my sanity (and wallet), I have been able to find a perfect solution to my sourcing conflicts. There are many companies available now that specialise in creating Antique effect, and here are a few of them below. I simply have to have this product in my home and will be recommending this item to anyone who visits the Interiors shop, looking for mirrors or not!

Dominic Schuster – An artist in his own right, has mastered recreating the ageing process.

Mirror Works – Family run by Rob & Jo Young on the bank of the Severn in Shrewsbury

Rough Old Glass – Some fabulous high end commercial installations – Inspiring!!

And for those of you that despite my best efforts, would not consider reproduction ageing techniques …..

Selling Antiques

Some stunningly beautiful antique mirrors.

I hope you have seen the same amount of beauty in the above as I have. I hope your week has started fabulously whatever you’re doing.

Natalie XO


4 thoughts on “My crush on Antique Glass Mirrors!!!

  1. Awww!! Thank you for the nice comment!!

    I absolutely share your passion for mirrors!! I love the diamond backsplash of the bar and the light fixture in the second pic – the mirror gives such a watery effect! I am currently on the hunt for a large mantel mirror like in the first pic – here in the states, they aren’t as prevalent and are harder to find 😦

    • Thank you for posting the beautiful picture!!!
      I am in love with the mirror and light fitting in picture two – Perfect for a downstairs guest bathroom! I hope you manage to find a mantel mirror, we have a publication called the Antiques Trade Gazette, some have worldwide auctions houses, do you have a similar publication? Shame if not. Thanks for your comments!

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog!!!! Wow, the 1st one is amazing! I as well love vintage mirrors!!! Ive seen some I wanted to buy but they are so expensive that I found a tutorial on how to make the mirrors look old! LOL…

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