My journey around France… Today!

I have an absolute love affair with France. I have had many many wonderful holidays in many areas of France; we adored the country so much that we even decided we would get married in a beautiful Chateau in the Loire Valley – The amazingly beautiful and gloriously romantic Chateau Reignac.

My love affair extends to far more than the country and culture. I am completely encapsulated by all things French. I adore the climate, the culture, their innate sense of sumptuous style, the food, the architecture, the language and one of the most important aspects…. the most wonderful wine. I adore their way of life, the unrushed pace, the sheer indulgence in gastronomic pleasure. It’s is an absolute crime in any region of France to not spend at least two hours sampling and enjoying a full menu of delights for lunch, over the obligatory glass or two of wine. We’ve spent many hours doing just this, with friends and family, over the many holidays we’ve had. I do hope at some point this will become a regular part of our lives, even if this is only during the times our son isn’t at school.

I like to keep abreast of the property market in France, I actually love nothing more then spending hours looking through property sale websites looking for our second home. We have agreed that when we are able, we will certainly be aiming towards purchasing a property, although given our current projects, this may well be a few years from fruition.

In the mean time, I’ll keep looking and dreaming of the future. I’ve had a rather wonderful trip (via Rightmove) today and thought that I would show you some of the delights that I came across.

If a typical beautiful French Chateau is your thing, you need look no further than this absolute beauty. Nestled in National Park a mere two hours from Paris and set in an estate of 27 Acres, is this stunning 10 bedroom chateau. Renovated to a high standard (pleasing words to hear having just parted with a rather large sum of 1.7 Million Euros), mostly original features with some parts dating back to the 15th century. This is a complete fairytale place with stunning beauty rarely seen to such a high standard.

Wow!!! Stunning dining room!

Okay – So seeing as we’re in France, the home of Wine, it would be an absolute travesty of justice to not consider a vineyard of some degree! My personal ultimate dream!

I suppose this choice will not only have to be decided based on the Property, but also your wine preference. This is obviously my dream, so I have chosen to perform my search in the department of Gironde, Aquitaine, or perhaps a more familiar name, the Bordeaux Region, one of my personal favourite wine regions.

I was lucky enough to attend a wine education school with the prestigious wine merchants Berry Bros & Rudd (which I can highly recommend, even if only to sample the delectable luncheon and wine paring). It was fascinating to learn about the different regions and in particular the region of Bordeaux. The diversity of the landscape, the soils and the climatic influences that make this region one of the most complex wine producing areas in France, hence the renowned and prestigious reputation.

Now here’s where it gets a little tricky, today I couldn’t find my perfect vineyard…. It very sadly (not for the new occupiers I expect!) must have recently sold. I did however find the land on which to put my perfect property, a property I have found for sale in a different area, so I have included both….. My dream Renovation en Francais!!

So truly stunningly beautiful!

So for my third and final lust of the day, a visit to france would not be complete without considering the stunningly beautiful French Alps and a property that would give access to the illustrious winter skiing – Have I found that place!!

The sheer immense natural beauty of the French Alps is hard to surpass. My idea of Winter holiday perfection is sat by the side of a roaring fire surrounded by friends and family, drinking Vin Chaud about to embark on a traditional Savoyard Raclette…. This is the place I would love to do that!

Megeve – Rochebrune is the final destination I’ve visited today, this simply stunning 5 bed Chalet has been recently renovated to an exceptional standard, although I’ll let you be the judge of that…..

I need to sit on those chairs!!!!

What a stunning place to relax after a day on the slopes!

So there you have it, my journey around France today. I hope you’ve enjoyed looking at these properties as much as I have…. I only wish I had time to also show you the ones that didn’t make the cut…. All stunningly beautiful and many with such immense potential.

I hope you’re having a wonderful evening. We’re celebrating the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee along with the rest of the UK and enjoying the extra holidays with my family.

Have a wonderful Sunday

Natalie XO


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