My guilty pleasure – The Antiques Trade Gazette

I have quite a few guilty pleasures in life, but one I save for Sunday mornings is my weekly digest of the Antiques Trade Gazette. Today it has been made even more special for two reasons; the sun is shining and I’ve been lucky enough to be able to indulge my pleasure over a pot of coffee in the glorious sunshine whilst sat in the Garden, and secondly, amongst it’s numerous pages I have found some very delightful items.

Now I do not profess to be any sort of antique expert, or even knowledgable in the area really. I just simply adore looking at beautiful items of furniture and jewellrey, regardless of age or era. Sadly on most occasions, the cost is generally the prohibitive element of looking at Antique auction catalogues. This however fails to stop a girl thinking of just exactly where I would place my George III Corinthian Column Candlesticks (on my sideboard in the dining room if you’re wondering) or my 18th Century Carved Gilt Gesso Looking Glass (above the mantle in our bedroom) or admiring the many other truly beautiful items available.

George III Candlesticks – Courtesy of John Nicholson

18th Century Looking Glass – courtesy of Holloway’s Auctioneers

I have a great understanding of my own personal style, which can be typified as simply ornate and beautiful, but this is obviously only in the eye of the beholder. The period can often be irrelevant to me, although I am slightly more often drawn to items and artifacts from the Rococo to Georgian periods (1650 – 1840), being such a large range, I’m always fining many things to drool over.

Should you have any interest whatsoever in Antiques, I would definitely recommend having a few copies delivered to decide if it’s for you. The publication is a vast catalogue of  all the Antique & Fine Art Auctions that are happening over the coming weeks in the UK (and online from anywhere in the world). In addition to the many auction previews, it contains industry news, auction reports, classified adverts, national and international events, articles, interviews and a very handy auction calendar; so if you enjoy learning about Antiques, it’s a wonderful resource and a perfect place to start.

I often think it’s quite difficult to sift through search engines to find dealers and auctions relevant to what you are looking for, so thought it would be nice to summerise some of the regular auctioneers that advertise. I’m one of the many million people that rarely get past page one of Google, so if you’re anything like me, you may not be aware of the sheer volume of auctioneers and auctions that take place on a regular basis.


Adams (Ireland) (Important Irish Art sale coming up)

Lyon & Turnbull (some stunning jewellery being sold soon)

John Nicholsons (My beautiful George III candlesticks)

Ross’s (online jewellery auction 23 – 30th May…. Serious bling!)

Dreweatts (more gorgeous jewellery)

Neals (beautiful Chinese blue and white vases!)

This is a small snippet of a few items that personally caught my eye, there are hundreds of other auctions and auctioneers. I’ll hopefully get to cover a few more next week, with a bit of luck the sun will shine again and I can start my morning as perfectly as today. I hope you enjoy your Sunday and spend it doing things you love and enjoy too, I’m about to head into the garden with my son for a splash in the paddling pool…. Probably most of it directed at me!

Natalie XO

Our wonder Rhododendron display that is currently in full bloom, a real shame not to include today…..

Rhododendron Display in many different colours…


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