Our Country Garden

What a wonderfully glorious day it is today here in the UK. Partly because the sun is shining and it’s actually hot and partly because I’ve shaken off one horrendous migraine that rendered half of my face numb for the last few days…. If you get Migraines you will sympathise with my pain. Thankfully that has now gone and things can return to normal, I only wish this would be our normal weather pattern.

As part of my recuperation, I thought I would spend the day at home working in the garden, for me, on a day like this there isn’t a nicer place on the planet.

I’ve previously done a post on our glorious garden, Our Inherited Garden. As the name suggests, we have inherited a 40 year labour of love from the previous owners. This is the first year in our home, so we have absolutely no idea what will spring into bloom from the flowerbeds.  It’s clearly obvious now that this will be virtually an all year round (as much as the seasons allow), Mr & Mrs B had obviously deemed this in order, and I would certainly have to agree.

I’m sad to admit that my garden knowledge is somewhat limited. One summer here will not enable me to learn all of the different items in the garden, it will be a few years before I have even mastered the house, never mind the hundreds of species of shrubs and plants in the Garden.

We have a gardener that cares for the garden, so whilst we personally don’t have any idea (yet), we’re certainly not going let the garden go to rack and ruin. At the moment due to work commitments, we don’t meet very often, but that will change in a few weeks time and I do hope to be able to help and learn all of the wonderful aspects from her vast depth of knowledge.

It was such a glorious day today that I’ve taken some pictures of the flowers that are currently in bloom, I’d love to know what some of them are if any of you know. I hope you enjoy looking at them as much as I do, they really are very beautiful, I only wish we had smell blogging too.

I hope you’re all having a wonderful day so far, lets hope the sun stays shining, and personally my Migraine stays away!!!


2 thoughts on “Our Country Garden

  1. These are absolutely beautiful! Lucky you to have so many colors and textures in your garden. I wish I could identify some of them. What a view!

    • Thank you Stacey – I wish I could claim some credit, but sadly nothing to do with us. We’re trying to make our mark with a prairie border, but it’ll be a while before it’s ready for the cameras! :0)

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