Cats, Puppys, Chickens… and unofficial residents!

The last few days have been an absolute and utter whirlwind!

You couldn’t think that one little puppy would descend your world into complete and utter chaos…. Well believe me he has.

He’s and absolute joy, very comical, with boundless energy and cuddles…. But I slightly underestimated just what an impact he would have on the running of a home and life; it’s actually like having a toddler in the house again….. Very wonderful, but very tiring!

Given that I haven’t had time to think let alone write, this is just a little post with a few pictures of our adorable animal population, we are outnumbered now! It wouldn’t be fair to give the puppy all the attention when we have other adorable animals, so thought (whilst the pup sleeps) I would share a few pictures of all as I promised.

Our beautiful little pup having a needed rest!

Peaky – also having a needed nap!

Eti – a little while ago now, she’s a little bigger!!

the meeting!

Our precious ladies!

This are the would be official electoral roll residents – We also have quite a few unofficial residents too. I have two (probably more) very cheeky little wild rabbits eating my newly planted grasses, some pigeons nesting below our bedroom window (very annoying at dawn), some swallows nesting in a stable, some bats living in the roof, some ducks living on the stream, and last but not least some very loud pheasants roaming the gardens…. If you have any doubt about pheasants, they are quite possibly one of the most hilarious animals on the planet, very funny to watch.

The pup will need to be on a lead until he understands the “don’t chase” command!

Anyway, I hear a puppy stirring. I hope you have a wonderful Friday, I hope to get back to work soon and back on topic.

Natalie XO


4 thoughts on “Cats, Puppys, Chickens… and unofficial residents!

  1. Adorable puppy! How are the kitties responding to him so far? I imagine mine would probably flee to high places and voice their disapproval.

    • Hi Christine – Thanks, he’s a cutie!
      It’s early days, they’re all unsure what to make of each other, but they have their own space and are using it. They are doing as you imagine, just have to be patient really. Wish us luck!!!!!

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