Boatswain the Puppy… Meet the world!

We’ve had a truly wonderful day yesterday collecting our adorable 8 week old puppy – Boatswain.

If you’re unsure of the origin of this name, it was the beloved dog of the great English poet Lord Byron (actually pronounced Bowsun). We live a mere stones throw from the place that was Lord Byron’s home, Newstead Abbey in the UK. In the search for a name of significance, after many rounds of deliberation we arrived at this, and I have to say it’s a perfect fit!

I thought I would share Boatswain’s first day as a tribute to how adorably wonderful he has adjusted to yesterdays events.

Our journey home!

I had planned to show you many more photos (we have a fair few), but my computer is playing up a little and it won’t allow me…. More to follow hopefully.

Hope you’re having a great day today; we have the vets later and lots of puppy hugs I expect!

Natalie XO


4 thoughts on “Boatswain the Puppy… Meet the world!

  1. What a wonderful addition to your family! He’s sweet face just begs for kisses. Congrats… I’m sure he’s going to be LOTS of fun! 🙂

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