Wall Covering bling, bling, bling…. Mica!

It’s often easy to forget just how large the collection of wall-coverings and fabric actually is at William Robinson Interiors. We have many hundreds of pattern collection books and many thousands of different fabric designs and styles, these cover all and any interior  design requirement. It often depends on the clients requirements as to which books and collections we suggest to start their hunt.

Today I was absolutely blessed with a customer that wanted something quite different from the normal. The brief was “Definitely not safe and definitely not normal”, it’s not often that I hear that!!

Now most clients do not think their requirements either ordinary or normal and I would most definitely agree. What is normal for one is the exact opposite for another, so the brief needed further expansion. There is however a general mindset to follow the popular, intentional or not. Whenever you see a design trend occurring you are generally inundated with similar requests for similar styles (be it a design style, or colour trend, or pattern….). There are always exceptions to the rule of course, but generally this tends to be how it works.

In an attempt to establish more about just where to start, I begin by asking all the usual questions such as room use, re-design or update, room orientation, ambience required, preferred colour palette, materials, texture etc…. This then leads me to one special collection, one collection that I don’t often get the chance to suggest, the very interesting and beautiful Omexco collection, and one wall-covering in particular….Mica.

This may mean nothing to you at all, but if you are ever passing a interiors company that stocks this range (distributed by Brian Yates), you should definitely try and have a look (should this be of any vague interest to you). It’s not to everyones taste, and personally it wouldn’t be anywhere close to my normal choice (I’m far more traditional), but even I intend to try and find one area of my home to use this wonderful and unique wall-covering. This is so far removed from my normal style, but anything beautiful and interesting is always worth a mention.

Rather than reinventing the wheel – This is how Omexco explains Mica….

“Mica or “vermiculite” is a mineral formed out of a chemical reaction between quartz and granite.  Exposed to extreme heat, the mineral expands into worm-like pieces 2000 or even 3000% of their original size, in a spectrum of brilliant colours.  The characteristics of this mineral have been known in Japan for 6 centuries.  Mica is also known as “strange stone”, “breathing stone” or “miracle stone”.  After the mica has been heat-expanded, it is crushed into small pieces and stuck on a non-woven backing.  Finally, the surface is coloured.” 

I would personally describe it as a very interesting, textured wall-covering with great character and depth. It’s beauty but also real art. It is unique. It is glamorous. It is most definitely slightly bling. It is playful but also sophisticated. It is without doubt a topic of conversation and an object to be touched (if only very briefly ;0) )…. That is what will inevitably happen if this is the wall-covering the client chooses…. Samples of various colours of Mica are on order (plus many others), so we shall see, and you can below…..

I hope you have enjoyed my over eager post about love of beautiful wall-coverings, I am addicted, that is for sure. I do hope to share with you more of an industry insight into an interior design shop and the beautiful collections that are available.

I hope you’re all having a great start to the week, I hope you’re also filling your day doing things that you love! Have a great evening.

Natalie XO


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