Antiques & Lie-ins!

What a day today has been.

This morning I wake up late (slightly thankful for the lie-in, not so thankful for the reduction in time). By the time I’d fed our son all all of the animals, sorted the washing, got my son ready, packed his bag up for nursery, got dressed…..I was still waiting for a sit down and a cup of tea and on borrowed time to get him to nursery. Thankfully my knight in shining armour arrived to whisk my son to school for me, which then meant I could then concentrate on getting to one thing on time today – an appointment at 10am.

Or so I thought, I’d spent the entire time rushing and panicking that I wasn’t going to make it, that I didn’t even look at my diary. I arrived for my “appointment” (a car drive and ten miles away), to be told it was actually next Thursday…. Arrrgh!! My extra half an hour in bed ended up costing me the entire morning – That’ll teach me!

After finally sorting myself out and returning to some semblance of normal time schedule, I head off to meet a dear friend for lunch. I arrive ahead of my friend at a gorgeous Italian and start browsing the delicious menu, mentally choosing my selection, ordering drinks etc…. My friend then calls to say she’s not able to get away from work :0( Disaster – I’ve been looking forward to seeing her and this delicious menu for weeks!!!!!

All was really not lost – I was in Newark after all. I managed to have a few anti pasti (all to myself!) and headed off to my favourite place. For those of you that do not know Newark (on-trent) (UK not USA), it’s a market town steeped in history, my personal main historical interest though happens to be the many antique shops in the town. As with most things, they have somehow made their way into the same area, although not really a district of sorts, along the same road mostly – for me it’s a great place to spend a few hours.

I wonder round one of my favourite shops in the town, it’s virtually on the edge of the “district”, four floors of pure heaven – No. 1 Castlegate Antiques. If the antiquesweren’t good enough alone, it’s a fabulous former Georgian Townhouse, full of little alleyways, tiny doors that lead nowhere (Georgian’s must have been very small the doors aren’t 3ft high in places), different steps, landings and staircases. It’s very difficult not to wonder round imagining what the walls would tell you if they could speak!

They have some beautiful things, sadly some of them with pricetags to match (although had I have had a spare £6000 I would have certainly been leaving with their fine Georgian Serving Table…. VERY Beautiful), so didn’t leave with anything today. I did see some lovely things that I’ve “noted” for future reference though and have lots of pictures to try and tempt my husband with!

I thought I would share a taste of my trip today, and see if any of you have seen some must haves amongst their stock lists!

Isn’t this walnut venetian seat (8 ft)  just stunning, very rare indeed. Circa 1830.

This Grandfather clock was a work of divine art – The detail was unbelievable to consider it is believed to be George III period (1760 – 1820), hard to believe the detail could be so preserved

I need this mirror in my life (more accurately, my hallway, above the sideboard to be precise!) – It’s sooooo beautiful!

Another gorgeous mirror that I could have very easily found (made) a home for!

A beautiful table – I need a bigger home (and wallet!)

Again a beautiful sideboard!

It wouldn’t be fair to mention Newark-on-trent and not mention the massive International Antiques & Collectors fair that graces the show ground on a 8 weekly basis – Next one is 21 & 22 June…. Can’t wait!

I’d love to hear what you think about the above. I hope you’re having a truly lovely day, hopefully a little less stressful than the start to my day.

Natalie XO


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