Our inherited garden

We’ve been having lots of discussion with the architect recently concerning our external space, we have to make certain modifications to the garden to accommodate our overall requirements. We would like to make the gardens more private, so that local dog walkers (over a public right of way past our kitchen window), avoid seeing me in my dressing gown and 7am daily!! We’ve been advised to get a garden designer on board now so that important decisions can be addressed sooner rather than later and a plan can be made.

We viewed our home during the spring of 2011, the garden  in full glory! We saw the potential with the property, but the gardens were complete love at first sight. The previous owners had been very keen gardeners and had spent the previous 40 years creating a complete wonderland, which we have obviously duly inherited.

The only sad thing about all of this is we have absolutely no knowledge of even the most basic gardening tasks (although we do know a lady that does –  thankfully). I’m ashamed to say, we were very close to calling in the contractors to remove a decidedly dead looking hedge from the garden. It was a beech hedge, any gardener will be able to tell you during the winter months it turns a beautiful shade of brown (aka dead looking), thankfully we averted this catastrophy and now have a beautiful green hedge starting to blossom!

I’ve been around the garden today taking a few pictures, it’s all starting to peak and I needed to send a few pictures to the Garden Contractor, I thought I would share some of these images with you….. Please note this is completely nothing to do with us, although I do hope that we are able to do it justice and maintain it properly. Thank you Dr Banks’!

Our stunning view that makes me smile every single morning!

Truly beautiful!

The beck – The source of power for the adjoining mill in years gone by.

One beautiful flowering border in full bloom

A prairie border that is work in progress….If the rabbits stop nibbling!

A wild meadow….

The Weeping Willow… and a couple of horses!

Probably where we’ll end up living during the renovation ;0)

An almighty bay tree … the contents of most of our cooking at present!

the veg patch ….. Already seeing signs of life!

I adore the climber on the front of the house, need to find out what this is …. Very sorry!

So a snippet of our wonderful inherited gardens that we plan on slightly updating, I do hope we can do them the justice they deserve!

Hope you’re having a great week, back to work for me tomorrow, can not wait!!

Natalie Xo


4 thoughts on “Our inherited garden

    • Thank you – although it’s mainly pretty and green because it rains so much here – sometimes I’d trade it for barren and sunny – Only sometimes though.

      • I have been to Europe a few times. Mainly Germany, Austria, holland, and Hungary. But I would enjoy going to England. Maybe one day

  1. Did it rain?! You’ve been to some places on my wish list, never made it to Germany, Hungary or Holland and I live in Europe, you should try and come to the UK if you can – It’s a lovely place. I never made in past Florida when I visited the states but would love to visit Texas…. Maybe one day too!

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