Our year in a caravan – Oh dear!

Well today I have mostly been worrying (no really worrying, desperately and truly) about a conversation I had last night with my husband, I won’t bore you too much with the entire conversation, but the last few sentences went something like this……

Me: So you’re basically telling me that we have to spend the entire renovation camped on the lawn in a caravan?

Hubby: Yes, we need to be close to the site, it makes perfect sense, it’s a great part of the process, it’ll be memorable.

Me: MEMORABLE! It’ll sure be that, me, you, our son, two cats and a dog in a CARAVAN on the lawn next to the chickens, memorable is definitely the word I would use too! Memorable sheer and utter frigging Hell! Seriously, are you S@*&ing me?!?!?!

Hubby: It won’t be too bad, it’ll fly by. It’ll keep us focused on getting everything completed in agreed time frames, speed the process up.

Me: I. Need. Air. (….. and copious amounts of alcohol and cigarettes…. I don’t even smoke!)

So as I am sure you will have swiftly worked out, this was not what I expected we would have to do. I mean we spoke about it previously; but given the amount of residents, our site location (we basically live on an island surrounded by streams, caravan location will be difficult), and the sheer amount of stuff we have, I naively assumed we would do the intelligent thing and rent somewhere locally.

Somewhere nice and warm, with cavity wall insulation, a gas cooker, walls slightly thicker than tracing paper and a maybe a shower that was big enough for someone larger than our two year old son. I’ve probably been a little spoilt with having slightly larger amenities and rooms. I know that to be truthful it probably won’t be that terrible, and lets face it, it is indeed a roof, for that I should be thankful. But really, an entire year, over the British winter (or British spring, summer and autumn for that matter!) in a caravan, our entire family and animal population for 12 whole long months?!?! Yes, that is exactly right.

So there we have it, this is now the intended plan. I suppose I had better get looking for our new “home”, lets just hope it’s marginally better than this!!!

It will most certainly all be worth it in the end ;0) Hope you’re having a lovely Sunday, wish us luck!

Natalie XOXO


3 thoughts on “Our year in a caravan – Oh dear!

    • Good morning Skylar

      Thanks for the luck – I’m sure we’ll definitely be needing it! We’re hopefully staying in a static car van during the process, so shouldn’t be especially cramped, fingers crossed. I look forward to reading your renovation on the camper, secret camper crush – Wish you luck!

      Natalie XO

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