My entire world of interiors & the TDP!

Happy weekend!

My day has started today with an inclination to sort things out. If you’re anything like me, you may well have a “to do pile” (TDP). My TDP consists of all sorts of things that need to be filed in various locations; letters from companies, documents to be saved, unopened brochures and flyers, important receipts (shoe purchases mainly!), papers that I’ve half read, magazines I want to save for future reference (that also need referencing, a job I ashamedly secretly relish), the list goes on.

With the weeks the TDP gets higher and higher, until the day arrives that one of the following happens……1) it’s bordering on being a health and safety hazard 2) we’ve descended in to utter chaos and can’t find a single thing (missed appointments, forgotten calls to make etc) or 3) I simply can’t bear to look at it any longer. Today it was the latter (and potentially a slight bit of the former).

So I decide I will sort the TDP out and file in the necessary places, I got about a third of the way though and come across an unopened package… A4 in size and suspiciously resembling a packaged magazine. I assume this must belong to my husband, some horse or sports magazine, it couldn’t possibly be mine, I never make it two paces from the letter box without seeing which (of my many) subscriptions is inside. I’m about to throw it in the bin and I notice Mrs on the label, what could this possibly be??!! How on gods earth could I have missed this?!

Well ladies and gentleman, I did, and a very important one too, The World of Interiors no less. This is my love, it would be on my deserted island, I read this more than once (complete understatement). I spend more than a few (!!) hours digesting, researching and dreaming of beautiful items, interiors, suppliers; combing though the pages to find new and exciting things to coo over and dream about!

I have attempted to establish if any of you poor people are deprived of this truly wonderful publication. It’s a UK magazine (content wise), but part of the Conde Nast group and I do know you can get it via subscription to the USA (but maybe not globally) although I’m not sure if this is regionally adjusted. I would be very interested to know if any of you know this, I’ll be adding to my subscription list somewhat if this is the case…. How will I find time to live?!?!

Anyway, I thought I would share with you some of the delights that I have found in the few hours reading and researching today, I’m still only about a third of the way though, so maybe a few more to follow.

I have a little bit of a secret crush on anything monogrammed… to me it’s synonymous with refinement and elegance, I adore personalisation and having an item that is unique to you, it creates a personal bond in some way. The pottery barn in the USA have a great personalisation section (although I haven’t actually tried any of there products). Well there is a delightful Italian design house (and family operated) called Loro Piana, they manufacture and sell many different items of supreme quality using the worlds finest materials; including fabrics, interiors, leather goods and clothing . They have developed a material called baby cashmere which is a cashmere of incomparable quality,  it is groomed from kids (baby goats not actual children), only 30 grams of which can be obtained from each goat during it’s lifetime. They have a great personalisation section and some wonderful monogrammed cashmere blankets, which the above link will direct you to. Obviously with incomparable quality and the worlds finest materials come a matching price tag, but a girl can dream!!!!

Loro Piana – Super adorable flight kit complete with cashmere blanket

The next supplier and item I have found has truly made my week!!!! I may have previously mentioned that we are in the midst of a renovation project, I am therefore poised to finding all the details for our new home. I have been looking for door ironmongery for quite some time, with little success. I have found a few suppliers that are okay, but nothing quite makes me sing. Well today I truly have a new adorable contender, the company is Rocky Mountain Hardware and my personal favourite is the Ellis collection, where the link will take you. It’s classic, ornate and in my opinion stunningly beautiful…. Timeless detailed beauty, which is me all over (my style – not actually me!!!). They do have lots of other collections that are gorgeous depending on your design style and preference, worth a look certainly.

Ellis Collection snippet…..

Well I could go on, but I think you may be very tired of reading by now, I truly hope not! I hope you have a wonderful Bank Holiday Weekend spent with people who are important to you with lots of fun and laughter, I intend to.

Natalie XO


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