Perseverance & Plans

Many months ago now, I thought I would take my love of Interior Design to new levels and I am so very genuinely pleased that I did.

I was a typical hobby interior designer, I read all the magazines, researched thousands of products per issue per magazine, read many many books on different design styles, I was in the constant search for things I adored to adorn our walls, shelves, cupboards, tables, floors and ceilings…. it was not a good idea to stand still too long in our home! We have just moved to a complete renovation project, although the build won’t be starting until 2013, whilst I am very much already planning each and every element (more posts to follow), I knew this would be a long way from fruition.

As my husband will attest (much to his dismay at times I expect), my love of interiors is bordering on OCD, I am completely encapsulated by the detail of items and the design, I fall head over heels in love with beautiful items. I truly believe that the difference in a design that looks pretty and one that looks truly extraordinary, is all down to the detail – for me it’s all in the detail!

I primarily decided that something had to give, either we needed a new home to accommodate all my desires, or I had to think of other ways to channel my complete obsession – Obviously the latter was the more favourable option considering we have just moved to our dream home!

I therefore decided to make a plan of attack……

Step 1 – I researched many courses that were available in Interior Design. I was quite shocked to see there was such a massive variation in content, delivery and cost; I thought they would all be much of a muchness but this wasn’t the case at all, some of the more prestigious qualifications were well over £10,000. I decided that it wasn’t the prestige I was necessarily chasing, just an understanding of the mechanics necessary within the industry, a more tailored understanding of the processes and applications, building blocks on which to progress, and something that fits around the most important part of my life, being a good Mummy.

After much comparison and deliberation, I decided that the National Design Academy had a course that ticked all of the boxes for me. It was very competitively priced and amazingly just down the road from where I live (completely coincidental, and to be brutally honest of absolutely no benefit at all so far!). So I enrolled on their Diploma in Interior Design and I’m so thrilled I made this wonderful decision.

Step 2 – The second part of my plan was to attempt to get a job within this industry – by far the most difficult element!

As I’m sure you will probably understand, this industry has been hit very hard in the recession. It’s a lifestyle choice to decorate/re-design a room, if you have no money or job uncertainty, updating a perfectly acceptable interior probably falls down your list of priorities somewhat. As a consequence, local companies were tightening their financial belts and battening down the hatches. I approached many interior companies and designers to see if they required an apprentice/intern/dogs body, always met with the same response….. But if this post shows nothing else, persistence does indeed pay off, after a few phone calls and meetings with a local company William Robinson Interiors (website under construction), I was offered a part time job – Yay!!!

All parts to my plan checked off and it’s now full steam ahead in all aspects, qualification, job and renovation – and all truly very exciting, I’m so pleased to have been given an opportunity to do something I am truly passionate about. If you want anything enough, it’s all most definitely achievable with a bit of perseverance!

Natalie Xo


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