May Day Bank Holiday (MDBH) & Chinoiserie pause!

So today I arrived at work expecting to immerse myself in many wonderful wallpaper books, I was looking for some oriental/chinoiserie style inspiration for a theme that I have been working on… the best laid plans never do quite pan out.

Instead of my planned (truly glorious) morning of hunting for many images of birdsong and chinese floral gardens, I end up being completely rushed off my feet for the entire day. I only just managed a sandwich and drink at lunch, although from the speed I consumed it, I can’t quite remember what it actually was…. Turkey salad I think?! Who will ever know!!Although I didn’t quite get to do any of what I originally had planned, this is not to say that I didn’t have a wonderful day doing what I adore!


If you’re from the UK you will no doubt know that we have May Day Bank Holiday (MDBH) on Monday the 7th May, less than a weeks time. I have absolutely no doubt how the population of the East Midlands will be spending their extra days holiday………Decorating!!!

Many many (many!!!!) visits, telephone calls, emails and orders from the local public. Anything from paint, wallpapers, mirrors, lamps, ceiling lights to chairs. I’m not sure I’ll ever quite forget my Boss on a pair of step ladders removing a wired-in light fitting from the showroom – for the waiting customer to take away (store delivery of a new fitting was post MDBH), the customer needing for their immediate decorating plans no doubt – We’re pleased to have been able to help!

We were also pleased to be able to help the parcel delivery driver with his mirror requirements; a very fine example of a venetian glass mirror was bubble wrapped, packed and manoeuvred into the back of his lorry cab in no less than 5 minutes flat, he was on a tight schedule (I expect he was delivering many MDBH decorating items to the local area), I hope it takes pride of place in his new home and his son adores it as much as I do!

So to all of the people I have helped, served, called and assisted today, I hope you have a wonderful MDBH. I hope it’s a weekend and day full of placing, fitting, fixing and most of all…. enjoying! Not that you will, but If you do need any help at all, you know where we are for Tuesday!

Natalie XO


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