Beautiful master craftsmen located!

Today I have been working with a client in the shop, trying to find the perfect solution for window dressings for her home, one of those wonderful clients that you very soon establish that you have a similar taste too, the perfect sort when you get equally as excited!

She has already decided on the puff-ball headed curtains, in a silk which is still yet to be decided, I think she’ll go for a Marvic Textiles Damask silk fabric, a stunning patterned aqua and gold (already had the puffball style as an absolute definite for a room in our home, they are simply gorgeous), but a James Hare silk still a big contender, what do you think?


Marvic Textiles (Agrippina – Opal) to the left & both James Hare Silks to the middle and right (Venetian Damask – Italian Gray) (Orissa Silk – Horizon).

One of the problems that we have encountered is to do with the window configuration, the curtains are for a bay window…….my heart sank a little when told.

To avoid a long (and ever so slightly dull) explanation of all the poles, tracks, options and materials available for this particular window, I’ll skip to the clients desires. The client had decided that she would like a wooden pole with elaborate finials and wooden curtain rings (my heart is saying… Yay, my head… Oh no!). The main problem with this is creating a strong enough pole to support the weight of a fully lined pair of curtains, this requires additional brackets in a bay, no problem in metal as you can have metal passing brackets and rings…. Not possible in wood as you’re unable to create a passing ring, the weight of the curtain would snap the ring, and the brackets are often too thick to support this anyway.

The client had also decided that she would like one continuous curtain pole, without being mitered in the corners (creates a point making a less smooth opening/closing experience!!), this virtually removes all of the off the shelf suppliers on the market, the hunt was on for a master craftsman….. Some delights for you (& me)!!!


I adore this beautiful pole, but it requires a very special setting. j’adore j’adore j’adore!!! The leaf over the reeded pole is the actual curtain ring – beautiful!!


And for some beautiful finials – some not even appropriate or suitable, but too good not to share!


All of the above (and many more) are available from either Edward Harpley, Holbein or Hunter and Hyland in the UK.

Can’t wait to show the client and see what she thinks – Will update at the progress of this at some point.

Have a lovely evening

Natalie XOXO


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