The verdict….

I’ve started this post so many times it’s actually unbelievable, but always decided that I wouldn’t tempt fate and jinx any positive outcome….

I need not worry anymore…. The planning verdict is indeed in and it would appear that the extremely wonderful people in our local council Planning Department, agree with our development…. They have indeed APPROVED our planning application.

I may appear a little too excited about this decision, but this one word has had the ability to  completely ruin and destroy many many months of discussions, meetings, desires and dreams. We originally came to view our wonderful new home roughly a year from today when it had been placed on the market, at that point the possibilities little more than a dream….

12 months has now passed; one serious round of negotiations, one very controversial removal from auction for our new home (that really didn’t go down too well with the competition……. I’m kind of very sorry for that chaps!!!), one wonderful moving weekend that coincided with my birthday and our wedding anniversary (which gloriously happen to be on the same day…. My Husband shouldn’t ever forget either), one bat survey (with no less than two sleepless nights concerning our nocturnal residents), seven meetings with the Architects, twenty drawing revisions, one eventual set of plans, two rounds of consultations, five neighbour objections, two very worried discussions with the planning officer, but all culminating in one thing…. Planning approval! Yay!

Boy it’s been a long, tiring and at times stressful road, but we’re now here with a very important letter that states we can go ahead and build….. Now the really hard work begins!!!

The Birdseye view of our development, I personally can’t wait to get inside…. it will be a long time before that happens, but it’s a wonderful beginning!


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